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This plan provides members with great solutions for major impact illnesses.

Maximum Annual Benefit$2,000.000 per Insured per Policy Year
EligibilityUp to age 74
RenewalLifetime guarantee
CoverageWorldwide. Free choice of Providers anywhere in the world
Private and Semi-Private Room100%
Intensive Care Unit100%
Surgery (Including Outpatient Surgery)100%
Emergency Room100%
Surgeon and Anesthetist Fees100%
Major Diagnostic Services100%
Cancer Treatment100%
Congenital and Hereditary Disorders100%
Maternity (Available in deductibles $1000/$1000 and $2000/$2000) • $3.500 per pregnancy, includes newborn care
No deductible applies
A 10-month Waiting Period applies
Complications of Maternity and Birth (Available in deductibles $1000/$1000 and $2000/$2000)75.000 lifetime per policy
No deductible applies
A 10-month Waiting Period applies
Congenital and Hereditary Disorders$100,000 per Insured per lifetime (When the condition is diagnosed before age 18)
100% (When the condition is diagnosed at age 18 or after)
Organ and Tissue Transplant$300,000 per Organ(s) or Tissue per Insured per lifetime
$20,000 for Living Donor
Outpatient Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Home Health Care (Private nurse)$4,000 per Insured per Policy Year after deductible
Surgical treatment for symptomatic
disorders of the feet
Emergency Dental Coverage100%
Physicians and Specialists Visits100%
Reconstructive Surgery in case of
illness or accident
Durable Medical Equipment Special Devices, External prosthesis, Orthotic devices$6,500 per Insured per Policy Year, after deductible.
Surgical Implants or prosthesis (Excluding dental)100%
Prescribed Medications$6,500 per Insured per Policy Year (outside hospitalization) after deductible
100% during hospitalization
Prophylactic surgery for reduction of
cancer risk
$10,000 per Insured per lifetime after deductible
Emergency Transportation
Air Ambulance$30.000 per Insured per Policy year to the closest hospital of qualified treatment
No deductible applies
Ground Ambulance100% to the closest hospital of qualified treatment
No deductible applies
Repatriation of Mortal Remains or Cremation Services$5,000 per Insured per Policy Year, after deductible, in the event of death resulting from a covered Accident or condition
Coverage for accidents that occurred during the practice of high risk activities100%
Routine Health Check Up (Available in deductibles $1000/$1000, $2000/$2000 and $5000/$5000)
Includes laboratory teats, X-rays, and any other medical expense related to the checkup
No deductible applies
No waiting period
Preventive Care (Available in deductibles $1000/$1000, $2000/$2000 and $5000/$5000)Colon cancer screening (50 years or older): $1.200 per insured every ten years
Mammogram (from 40 years or older): $400 per insured policy year
Pap Smear (Papanicolaou) (21 to 65 years old): $150 per insured every three years
Prostate cancer screening (50 years or older): $300 per insured per policy year
No deductible applies
No waiting period
Alternative and/or Complementary Treatments (Acupuncture, Hypnosis, Massage Therapy, and Reflexology)$100 per insured, per policy year
No deductible applies
Additional BenefitsDeductible will be waived up to a USD $5,000 maximum in case of an Emergency or Accident that occurs while the Insured is travelling outside of his/her country of residence
In case of Serious Accident, as defined in this Policy, not deductible will apply for the first Medically Necessary Hospitalization, following said Serious Accident. Any subsequent treatment will incur the deductible
Unique ServicesInterConsultation®: Confirmation of diagnosis and recommendation of the best treatment and specialists. Immediate access to this benefit available regardless of any exclusion applicable under this Policy
Best Doctors Concierge™: Coordination of medical appointments, hospital admission, travel arrangements, accommodation and transportation when services are rendered outside of the Insured’s Country of Residence
Individual Case Management
A program to coordinate, supervise and manage complex cases of long duration.
Things You Should KnowUnless otherwise stated, the benefits are on a per Insured, per Policy Year basis in which the chosen deductible applies
All benefits are in US Dollars (USD)
Cumulative deductible per Insured, per Policy Year. Maximum two deductibles per family per Policy Year
Costs are subject to being usual, customary and reasonable
Additional Coverage Available (Riders)
Complications of
Maternity and Birth
Up to $500.000 lifetime cover with an annual premium of $300
Available in deductibles $1000/$1000 and $2000/$2000
No deductible applies
10-month waiting period
Eligibility: Age 3–59, renewable cover up to age 65
Monetary benefit to pay for incidentals when being diagnosed with a covered illness or surgery
Covered conditions and surgeries: Cancer, stroke, heart attack (myocardial infarction), coronary artery by-pass surgery, kidney/renal failure, multiple sclerosis, benign brain tumor, paralysis (paraplegia), organ transplant (kidney, heart, lung, liver, pancreas or bone marrow), blindness, deafness